Anthony Caliendo

“My starting point begins with your sales passion, dedication and courage to conquer all of the great challenges within the sales profession!” – Anthony Caliendo

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International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker & Sales Coach.

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The most highly anticipated sales motivational and instructional book in the Industry!

The Sales Assassin,
Master Your Black Belt in Sales

“I am the Ultimate Sales Assassin Master! I will teach you how to Master Your Black Belt in Sales using my Nine Belts to Sales Assassin Mastery. Prepare yourself for a new path to positive thinking, self-discipline and to finally controlling your sales destiny as a SAM!”

The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales by Anthony Caliendo


  • Learn the Nine Belts to Become a
    ...Sales Assassin Master!
  • Discover the Trinity of Sales Success –
    ...Passion, Dedication and Courage!
  • Develop a New Mindset Geared towards
    ...Ultimate Sales Success!
  • Redefined Sales Philosophies that have
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  • Corporations – Learn how to create a
    ...disciplined and highly motivated sales force!


Free Checklist: 20 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Business

By Anthony Caliendo | May 26, 2017

Are you considering buying an existing business? Many entrepreneurs launch their own business – and others buy a business from someone else. Whether you are buying a successful existing business, or see an opportunity to acquire a failing business that you believe you can turn around and make profitable, buyers need to understand what they’re…

Business Development Consultant, Anthony Caliendo, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With Cracking the Code to Success

By Anthony Caliendo | May 22, 2017

Anthony Caliendo recently ranked on the best-seller list with the new book, Cracking the Code to Success, co-authored with Brian Tracy. Press Release: PRNEWSROOM Delray Beach, FL – May 12, 2017 – Known as The Sales Assassin, Anthony Caliendo uses his innate skills to train businesses on sales strategy and corporate leadership. Caliendo joined the legendary Best-Selling…

The Key to Establish Trust During a Business Acquisition

By Anthony Caliendo | May 19, 2017

As an entrepreneur, I have bought and sold several small businesses of my own. Establishing and maintaining trust between buyer and seller is critical for a successful business merger or acquisition. Not only does trust impact a mutually successful business transaction, establishing trust between both sides reduces anxiety and stress. The key to establishing trust?…

5 Qualities that Differentiate a Wantrepreneur from an Entrepreneur

By Anthony Caliendo | May 14, 2017

Are You A Wantrepreneur Or an Entrepreneur? Are you an entrepreneur, or a wantrepreneur? I’ve wanted to own my own business and be my own boss since I was a kid with my 1st lemonade stand. Over the years I’ve launched several businesses – and closed a few that didn’t go the way I’d hoped. In…

25 B2B Sales Stats That Will Change Your Sales Strategy

By Anthony Caliendo | May 5, 2017

Knowledge is power. B2B sales stats aren’t just interesting to read – sales facts and figures are an important tool to customize your sales delivery. If you’re a B2B seller – if you’re in any type of sales – it’s vital to your sales success to understand your customer’s buying and decision process. If you…

Is Your Business Fit To Sell? Free Checklist

By Anthony Caliendo | April 28, 2017

Are you thinking of selling your business? As an entrepreneur and professional salesman, I’ve built and sold my own businesses, as well as worked for companies that were later acquired. To get the best price and make the best deal when selling your business, it’s important to get your business in order before you try…

Do You Leverage Outrageous Entrepreneurial Courage?

By Anthony Caliendo | April 23, 2017

From Cracking the Code to Success featuring Brian Tracy & Anthony Caliendo The startup world is an attractive, shiny and optimistic place to be. Creative, entrepreneurial minds are constantly trying to invent something extraordinary and buzzworthy enough to change the marketplace and the world. Building a brand plus achieving financial independence and security are key…

3 Sales Strategies Learned Watching Donald Trump

By Anthony Caliendo | April 14, 2017

Donald Trump Is A Sales Assassin Whether you’re a follower or an opponent, sales people and public speakers can learn a great deal from Donald Trump on how to sell. Through the long campaign season and the first months of his presidency, Donald Trump demonstrates he knows how to deliver a message that is remembered,…

Salespeople Make Their Own Luck

By Anthony Caliendo | April 7, 2017

A 4-Leaf Clover Won’t Deliver Sales Luck What better day than St. Patrick’s Day to reflect on the Luck of the Irish? To this Italian, a little leprechaun fairy dust sounds like a good solution to sales woes. But this Italian sales assassin knows: Salespeople make their own luck. 10 Lucky Quotes for Sales Success…

My 3 Morning Habits for Success

By Anthony Caliendo | March 24, 2017

Early Morning Routines for Sales Success I’m not just successful at sales, I’m a Sales Assassin: a master of sales discipline, focused on results and prepared to control my own destiny. In the course of my sales career – the ups and down, the successes and failures – I’ve developed a few early morning habits that start…

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