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“My starting point begins with your sales passion, dedication and courage to conquer all of the great challenges within the sales profession!” – Anthony Caliendo

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International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker & Sales Coach. Get Your One On One Personal Coaching Session for just $299 for 1 Hour


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The Sales Assassin,
Master Your Black Belt in Sales

“I am the Ultimate Sales Assassin Master! I will teach you how to Master Your Black Belt in Sales using my Nine Belts to Sales Assassin Mastery. Prepare yourself for a new path to positive thinking, self-discipline and to finally controlling your sales destiny as a SAM!”

The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales by Anthony Caliendo


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Q4 Checklist for Small Business

By Anthony Caliendo | October 12, 2018

Too often small businesses are stressed out about how to successfully close out the year. My 4th quarter checklist for your small business will help you finish the year strong, and start the new year ahead of the game. 7 Q4 Things Your Small Business Should Be Doing Now Free Download: Save a copy of…

October is National Women’s Small Business Month

By Anthony Caliendo | October 5, 2018

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, time to celebrate, recognize and support female entrepreneurs. According to the American Express State of Women-Owned Businesses report, “the growth of women-owned businesses continues at a rapid pace. Four out of 10 business in the U.S. are now owned by women, and the total number of women-owned businesses (12.3…

Email Marketing Best Practices and Tips to Increase Sales

By Anthony Caliendo | September 28, 2018

For every $1 companies spend on email marketing, they generate $40 in sales. Prospecting and selling via email can be incredibly effective. Nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day; this number is expected to reach 246 billion before 2020. You have a great product. You’ve built a great mailing list of customers and prospects….

How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy

By Anthony Caliendo | September 22, 2018

LinkedIn reigns supreme for lead generation among all social networks. It is the only professional online social network to make business connections. Having the right profile is key to optimizing your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn recently, here are some tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase your LI visibility…

How to Find a Buyer for Your Small Business

By Anthony Caliendo | September 14, 2018

It only takes one buyer to successfully sell your business – but you have to find the right buyer in a field of lookie-loos. Avoid mistakes and maximize your time and profit by prequalifying your prospective business buyers to make sure you find the right person to buy your small business. Is now the right…

Questions Sellers Should Ask Prospective Business Buyers

By Anthony Caliendo | September 7, 2018

Does your prospective business buyer seem too good to be true? If you’re selling your business you want to get the best deal possible. You don’t want to waste your time talking to someone who’s not really interested in buying a business or accidentally provide important information to a competitor who wants to learn more…

The 3 Rs: References, Recommendations and Reviews

By Anthony Caliendo | August 31, 2018

How to Ask for A Reference, Recommendation or Review Do you need a reference to help your job search? Do you need a recommendation to boost your credibility and brand? Do you need online reviews for social proof and search rank? Sales professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs often need references, recommendations and reviews to…

How to Get Referrals That Increase Sales

By Anthony Caliendo | August 24, 2018

Sales referrals are vital for B2B sales. Yet only 30% of B2B companies have a formal referral plan! Referrals are one of the most powerful channels for generating leads and closing sales. Marketers spend a lot of time discussing organic growth of social media: organic growth through referrals is key to successful salespeople. So why…

Summer Sales Podcast Playlist

By Anthony Caliendo | August 17, 2018

Summertime and the listening is easy. Whether you’re on the beach, on a plane or just escaping the heat, vacations are a good time to catch up on the top podcast episodes for business, sales and entrepreneurs in 2018… so far… I’ve checked out the best podcasts for sales, entrepreneurs and business to give you the…

Learn Sales from the Master: Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

By Anthony Caliendo | August 1, 2018

Learn Sales from the Master Himself Spend 1 hour on the phone with Anthony Caliendo and he will coach you to success to get over your mental hurdles. Ask questions and get valuable answers. Need to work on a pitch? Need advice on starting a successful business? Anthony has made millions with his multitude of business…

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