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Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin | Sales Author, Coach and Speaker

In this book, I have not told you what you want to hear you, but rather what you need to hear. In today’s dynamic sales environment, life is tough and truth may hurt.  Your success is your willingness to change direction and reinvestment in the knowledge, skills and abilities that will differentiate you from your competition. Learn my innovative approach to being a Sales Assassin, using the 9-Belts of SAM efficiency success and a philosophy that provides guidance for your self-improvement, not only as sales professional, but also as an individual!

This is a book that demands outrageous Passion, Dedication and Courage that I deliver to you a message that will keep your fire burning and that will inspire you to put words into action!  You will instantly understand and apply powerful, results driven concepts geared towards consistent high performance selling!

I am the Ultimate Sales Assassin Master! I will teach you how to Master Your Black Belt in Sales using my Nine Belts to Sales Assassin Mastery.  Prepare yourself for a new path to positive thinking, self-discipline and to finally controlling your sales destiny as a SAM!

Excerpt From The Book

The Sales Assassin is the ultimate master of sales passion and discipline. A Sales Assassin Master (aka SAM) of your own destiny, focused on a results-driven willingness to be prepared to control your own destiny. The SAM begins with a foundation of individual discipline built on a positive attitude and reinforced through your personal and moral commitment to sales success. A SAM is focused on everything positive in sales person’s life from family to sales person as an individual to customers and clients. The SAM must be a master of perseverance, self-control and must possess the spirit of being responsible and accountable for your successful performance. The organization must be charged with developing and supporting the SAM mentality and tools and techniques required for success. It takes hard work to achieve SAM status. This book describes the path to Sales Assassin success – the path to positive thinking – the path to controlling your sales destiny as a SAM and the company’s understanding of how SAM benefits the organization’s sales strategy and corporate success.

Excerpt From The Book

Outrageous Entrepreneurial Courage – The true code for success is your own perseverance and tenacity that fuel our desire to drive through barriers. More importantly, entrepreneurial greatness only comes from your willingness to be bold and take bold action toward achieving your business vision. Bottom line, it has everything to do with an outrageous entrepreneurial mindset; how committed you are to changing the world!

“The Recipe for SUCCESS” co-written with Jack Canfield (“Chicken Soup For The Soul”) will sure give you a feel good motivational kick as you conjure up some delicious SUCCESS!

Excerpt From The Book

“My secret sauce that binds the recipe together is 1 part genetic and 2 parts experience – I am a Caliendo after all. I make “Sunday Gravy” at my house. My recipe for success is similar to my Sunday Gravy – fresh and simple – using only a few of the best quality ingredients which pair well together. And that’s my approach to success, combining the best, most effective practices that allow me to score time and time again”
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