Post-COVID Sales Etiquette

Post-COVID Sales Etiquette | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

There’s no question the coronavirus has changed how we live and how we conduct business. It may be a little premature to discuss post-COVID, but it is not too early to start planning how your sales business will make changes based on what we learned from the global coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and staying at home #AloneTogether. Sales is all about relationships. These five post-COVID sales etiquette tips that started during the crisis are good strategies to continue after business start to go back to normal as part of your new normal.

1. Skip The Handshake
While shaking hands is a very American way of greeting strangers and saying hello or goodbye to friends, it’s not as typical in other cultures. There are other greetings that salespeople can use that do not involve physical contact.

2. Stock Hand Sanitizer
A small tube of hand sanitizer in your briefcase, a bottle on your desk or a big jar in your store or sales booth at events is a smart way to protect you and your contacts. Offer a squirt!

3. If You’re Sick, Work From Home
Many employees are afraid to stay home when they’re not well, feeling they’ll be seen as lazy or even unnecessary by the boss. For many workers and businesses, COVID-19 proved that much work can be successfully conducted from home. While your sales job may not allow regular telecommuting, if you’re not feeling well but are well enough to work don’t contaminate the whole office – work from home.

4. Ramp Up the Technology 
Even if you’re feeling well, video conferences are a good alternative to 1:1 sales calls and also a good way to meet with colleagues, clients and prospects instead of meeting in person.

5. Innovate and Thrive
Businesses that are surviving and even thriving during the coronavirus shutdown learned to pivot, adapt and move forward. Old ways and habits aren’t necessarily the best ways. By listening to what their customers need and want, sales teams can grow their business and their profits.


Here are 9 ways to greet someone that do not involve shaking hands: Post-COVID Greetings: Skip The Handshake.