How to Get More Customer Reviews

How to Get More Customer Reviews | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

Customer reviews – both positive and negative – carry a lot of weight and influence for businesses and sales. Nearly 99% of consumers reported that reviews are influential in their buying decisions, and businesses need to get more customer reviews and know how to respond to them – especially any negative reviews. Today’s consumers want experiences: they want to build a relationship with a brand. Customer experience marketing (CX) using positive customer reviews can help you market and grow your small business – and negative reviews can help you identify problems and make changes to improve your business!

Requesting and receiving customer reviews is important to get new business, but don’t focus only on positive customer reviews. Negative reviews are important to monitor your online reputation and fix important issues that impact your customer’s experience – particularly problems you didn’t even know existed!

Asking for customer feedback and reviews is easy – but getting your customers to provide reviews can be a bit more challenging. The easiest way to get a customer review? Just ask for one!

1. Ask for a review in person

2. Invite reviews on your social media channels

3. Request reviews in post-sale followup calls and emails

4. Send an email blast to all current and past customers requesting a review

5. Use an online customer review tool

How Customer Reviews Can Help Sell Your Business

Online customer reviews can sell help you sell your business to a prospect by providing social proof that you have a good reputation and a loyal customer base. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – and there is every reason to believe your potential buyer will trust your business’s online reviews too. See 5 Ways Customer Reviews Can Sell Your Business.

5 Customer Online Review Tools


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The Power of Customer Reviews

This infographic shows the results of a survey on business customer reviews and how to respond to and resolve customer reviews. 

Measuring the Impact of Business Customer Reviews: Infographic by ZenBusiness


Measuring the Impact of Customer Reviews_ Infographic by ZenBusiness