Flip Your Biz Tips: Buy A Business with Just 10% Down

Flip Your Biz Tips: Buy A Business with Just 10% Down

Using an SBA loan, someone can buy an existing business and they need to only put 10% of the purchase price down at closing.

WATCH: Anthony Caliendo explains how a buyer can buy an existing business using an SBA Loan with only 10% down.


I’m Anthony Caliendo, known here in South Florida as The Main Man. At First National Business Corporation we buy and sell companies. I can tell you right now for some of the buyers that are out there, right now if you’re an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur and have never bought a business, you couldn’t pick a better time than now.

Most buyers and most people in general who want to be a business owner don’t really know how to do this. Now my job is to be able to explain it to you and show you how easy it actually is to buy a business. What most buyers don’t really know is they only have to come up with 10% of the capital to actually buy a business.

Now if you want to start a business – which I wouldn’t recommend because starting a business could be very costly and you might not make it, especially if you’re not a successful entrepreneur. I don’t recommend anybody who’s new to start a business. What I do recommend: if you’ve never owned a company – you’ve never actually run a business before – but you have a little bit of capital and you want to make an investment. If you want to make the right investment buy a business with a good foundation.

Put 10% down. Leverage it with the SBA, who is loaning out money right now. You couldn’t ask for a better time. They changed their guidelines on what a buyer has to come up with to 10% right now. So for instance, let’s say you bought a $500,000 company right now. I would say that company is probably doing a couple hundred thousand dollars in revenue. Even if you came up with $50,000 and you paid some of the debt and you were still able to make a $125,000 or maybe a $150,000 hundred it is safe to say that’s a lot more than you’re making right now.

So if you have a small investment and you’re actually looking to buy a company, I can show you how to leverage that money to buy a company and more than likely make more money than you’re making now working for somebody. I believe there are two types of people: somebody that builds their dreams and somebody that builds other people’s dreams.

Go to TheMainMan.com or call 1-800-the-mainman (1-800-843-6246) and I’m going to show you just how easy it is to get this done.

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