47 LinkedIn Tips for Salespeople

LinkedIn is no doubt the #1 platform for building business relationships – B2B or B2C, with over 460 million profiles LI is a goldmine for salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners. That’s why you and I are both on LinkedIn right now! There is also no doubt social selling works. Forrester’s 2017 survey Social Selling: A New B2B Imperative found that “49 percent of B2B enterprises have developed a formal social selling program, and 28 percent are in the process of doing so.”

Are you getting everything possible from LinkedIn? I’m sure not:

  • I’m always looking for new ways to get more relevant contacts – and sales.
  • Does anyone read my LinkedIn articles? It feels like no one does – then I see the clicks on my downloads and links.
  • How much time do I need to spend on LinkedIn to get results?


I’ve done some research and found the newest, most critical LinkedIn tips for salespeople, and combined them into a single checklist to help you get better social selling results. These are the topics I think are most important to improve your LinkedIn Social Selling:

  1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. How to Get Your LinkedIn Posts Read
  3. Prospecting Using LinkedIn Navigator
  4. Lead Generation
  5. LinkedIn Hacks
  6. LinkedIn Video for Salespeople
  7. Post Hacks to Get More Views
  8. How to Get More Views on Articles


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47 LinkedIn Tips for Salespeople | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

Do you have a LinkedIn tip for salespeople – or a question about selling on LinkedIn? Post it in the comments below – let’s get selling!

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