9 Places to Use Your Logo (That You’re Probably Not Using Now!)

7 Places to Use Your Logo (That You're Probably Not Using Now!) | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

Differentiation yourself from the competition is important for small business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople, and you likely spent a lot of money on a new logo design that conveys your message, is memorable and represents your brand. A logo is part of your public image and should be easily recognizable and inspire trust. Sure, your logo is on your website and on your signage, and maybe on a coffee cup or T-shirt. Consistent use of a well-designed logo will build visibility and trust for your business.

Here are some effective ways to use your logo that you probably aren’t using now – and that don’t require you to buy promotional SWAG!

1. On Social Media Posts 
Yes, many businesses use their logo as their social media profile photo. But how many people really look at your (tiny!) profile photo? Periodically use your logo as your social media post, along with a message explaining how your business can help them – and how to contact you!

2. Business Cards
Yes, people still use business cards. Having a few always with you is a great way to share your contact info with a new prospect or jot down information for someone. A logo is more memorable than a name.

3. On Your Laptop
Many salespeople and entrepreneurs work out of coffee shops and other public places when they’re on the go or between appointments. Put your logo on your laptop case so it’s visible to everyone else. You may want to include a mini-sales pitch:

Need a new logo? Ask me!

4. Email Signature
Your email signature is a great spot to place your logo. Email service providers allow you to create and save a custom email signature. Most people just use their name, title and phone number. Adding your logo to your custom email signature will help customers connect with you.

Tip: Don’t forget to add your logo to your smartphone email signature!

5. Favicon 
The tiny logo on the left side of your browser tab is called a favicon. When your website is open or if your website has been favorited, the favicon displays in the bookmarks.

Here’s my Sales Assassin favicon:

The Sales Assassin logo favicon

6. Gravatars
If you comment on websites or blog posts, frequently comments show the writer’s gravatar or profile image. Many people customize their email address with their personal photo. Instead, customize your gravatar with your logo!

7. Brand Your Social Media Posts
If you share images of your products, services or blog posts on social media, brand each image by adding your logo. There are free image-making programs like Canva that will easily let you watermark your images with your logo.

8. Invoices and Receipts 
Add your logo to all customer invoices and receipts. The more they see your logo, the more likely they are to think of you the next time they need your service or product.

9. Your Phone Case
Your phone is probably with you 110% of the time – and when you’re using it, it’s not in your pocket, it’s on full-frontal display for anyone to see. Instead of showing the phone’s logo, put your logo on your phone or phone case.

Tip: You can buy a decal with your logo for your laptop and smartphone, or have inexpensive covers made.

Your logo is your first opportunity to make a good impression and defines your brand. Entrepreneurs, salespeople and small businesses need to find creative (and inexpensive!) ways to promote your business and get your logo in front of people.