Alligators and Sales Goals: Stay Focused

alligators and sales goals: stay focused

when you’re up to your tail in alligators, it’s hard to remember
that your original goal was to drain the swamp

 ~ Dr Tom Hill, life coach

Alligators are a part of life in south Florida: whether you deal with them directly or work around them, they’re always here. Just like goals: as a sales professional whether you adjust your goals daily or annually, for sales success your focus must always remain on your goals.

One thing I know for sure is that we all face many alligator-filled swamps. Your ability to manage your way through these swamps will not always be easy and it will take your ability to refocus on the things that matter and not sink and be swallowed by the dangers lurking.

The Sales Assassin Master‘s goal is always to regroup and refocus, forcing themselves to create a decisive plan on how to move forward. The Refocus Plan becomes the new goal with new determination that will focus on a new sales journey.

Focus everything in terms of your business goals and keep your focus on the goal. This is mental conditioning. It also allows you to put into perspective the true nature of the challenge or distraction. It may seem absolutely imperative that you deal with that alligator. However, if you think about it, there would be no alligators in a drained swamp, so drain the swamp that surrounds your mind. Keep your focus and meet your goals and the rest will fall into place.

~ from The Sales Assassin by Anthony CaliendoThe Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo