How To Build a Lead Magnet That Actually Gets Leads

5 Best Practices For Lead Magnets: How To Build a Lead Magnet That Actually Gets Leads

A lead magnet is a free incentive that you give away as an incentive for a potential customer to join your mailing list. A lead magnet must be valuable: if a lead magnet isn’t high quality and if it isn’t what your target audience wants, you may get names on your email list, but you likely won’t increase your sales or grow your business.

The key to a lead magnet that converts is creating high-quality content that your ideal client wants to get – and will make them want more content from you.

5 Best Practices for Lead Magnets

Your lead magnet gives targeted website visitors an incentive to give you their email address – and to open your future emails.

1. There is no such thing as the perfect lead magnet.

A lead magnet that works to attract one type of customer likely won’t work on all your other types of customers. Most businesses have more than one target audience and multiple ideal clients. Create client personas to identify your ideal client profiles – and what type of lead magnets will attract them.

2. Deliver it immediately.

People want instant gratification – they don’t want to wait for a lead magnet to arrive in the mail.

3. Solve their problem.

How can you help your customers? The best lead magnets solve your ideal client’s problem – which makes you a go-to resource in the future.

4. Write a killer CTA.

Your lead magnet’s Call-To-Action should be clear, short and compelling – make them want to press that button!

5. Send a follow-up email.

People have short attention spans and get a LOT of emails. Don’t be out of sight, out of mind. After sending your lead magnet to your new prospect, follow-up with a kickback email to keep them engaged with you.

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