The 3 Rs: References, Recommendations and Reviews

The 3 Rs: How to Ask For References, Recommendations and Reviews| Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

How to Ask for A Reference, Recommendation or Review

Do you need a reference to help your job search? Do you need a recommendation to boost your credibility and brand? Do you need online reviews for social proof and search rank? Sales professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs often need references, recommendations and reviews to attest to their character, qualifications and ability to deliver their product or service.


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How to Ask for A Reference, Recommendation or Review

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How to Ask for A Reference, Recommendation or Review


  • Professional references are important to get new job opportunities and build your career.
  • Recent and former employers, co-workers and clients; mentors and coaches; teachers, neighbors or religious or community leaders all make good candidates to provide a professional reference, depending on where you are in your career.
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LinkedIn Recommendations

  • LinkedIn has a Recommendations feature to give and get personal and professional recommendations on your personal LinkedIn profile page from other LinkedIn members.
  • Recommendations are crucial for salespeople and small business owners. They provide social proof that you provide a quality service.
  • Most people search online for reviews and recommendations before they contact a person or a business.
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Online Reviews

  • Your website, review sites such as Facebook, Google or Yahoo are important sources for people and search engines to review and rank your services before contacting you.
  • Happy customers typically don’t give reviews. Most people don’t post an online review until they’re mad, feel they’ve gotten bad customer service or something has gone wrong.
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