#NutritionHacks So You’re Fit To Sell

5 Fast Healthy Foods for Road Warriors

I spend a lot of time traveling for business. A recent workout injury slowed me down, and resulted in a couple months relying on those airport golf carts to navigate the terminals.

I’m a firm believer in being #FitToSell:

When you’re in better physical health,
you look better, you feel better
and you’re more confident.

If you travel for work – whether by planes, trains or automobiles – it’s hard to find fast, easy and healthy foods on the go. Because I spend so much time in airports or driving, and recently had to watch my food intake more closely than normal because I couldn’t be as active as usual, I’ve been paying extra attention to finding healthy foods on the go:

• airports

• gas stations and truck stops

• drive-thrus

• convenience stores

My Top 5 Fast Healthy Foods for Road Warriors

1.  Smoothies
Smoothies are fast, easy and delicious. But they can also be loaded with hidden calories. When I visit smoothie and juice bars, I check the ingredients and calorie count, and ask for:

• spinach, kale or beets
• skim or almond milk
• unsweetened fruit
• flex, hemp, oatmeal, chia seeds and other fibers

tip: If you have a Starbucks on every corner, their Mango Orange Smoothie is fast and convenient: and has far less sugar and calories than many of their coffee drinks!

2.  Nuts
You can always find a bag of almonds or walnuts in the airport newsstand or convenience store.

tip: A healthy sized bag of almonds is about 1.5oz, not a 16oz can!

3. Health and Energy Bars
Health bars are everywhere these day – but too many aren’t healthy at all, and clock in more calories than a candy bar! There are lots of brands to choose from, but I’m partial to Kind and Cliff bars, mainly because I find them everywhere.

tip: Stock up on health bars at your local grocery store, and keep a supply stashed in your car and briefcase.

4.  Wraps
Wraps are often made to order at airport fast food places, or premade at convenience stores. I think they’re easier to eat on the go than a burger, and if you order right, far healthier! I like my wraps made with chicken and avocado, and loaded with veggies. Skip the dressing that’s usually full of calories and unhealthy ingredients I can’t even pronounce (plus you can avoid some nasty drips).

5.  Jerky
Jerkies are suddenly trendy: which means I’m finding them everywhere. Beef, turkey, bison, chicken – even alligator, which is big in my state of Florida! Jerky comes in lots of flavors, like BBQ, teriyaki or smoked, and some brands pack it in bite-size pieces.

tip: Skip the jerky on the plane: the smell will probably annoy your travel companions.

Healthy grab and go snacks are everywhere – if you’re looking for them! When you’re traveling, fuel up on high- protein, low-calorie meals and snacks to help you feel and look better so you’re Fit To Sell!

about Anthony Caliendo:

I’m an entrepreneur and sales professional with over 20 years of successful sales and sales management experience. My expertise in sales, marketing and business development spans from small business to international companies.

I’m the best-selling author of The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales, winner of the 2015 USA Book News business book award for entrepreneurs and small business.

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