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If you have a sales podcast – or are thinking of starting one or advertising on one – there’s good news! Podcast listening growth continues, according to a new study by Adobe Analytics. If you have a podcast, one of the most critical issues for listeners is sound quality. Here are a few sales podcast tips and resources recommended by a sound engineer to improve the sound quality of your podcasts.

5 Tips to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Podcast

  1. Use a USB mic: Blue snowball is one of the best!
  2. Plug in your headphones while you’re recording your podcast – even if you’re not using them – to eliminate any echo.
  3. If you’re recording in a location with background noise, record the background noise for 3 -5 seconds so the engineer can get a reading, then begin your interview. This will let the sound engineer digitally minimize the background noise when he prepares your podcast for posting.
  4. For live interviews in a busy location, a 2-way lavalier mic can help make your guest’s voice louder than the background.
  5. For phone interviews, you get the best sound quality if both people are wearing headphones with a builtin mic; this will help eliminate background noises.

No surprise: According to the survey, millennials are prolific podcast listeners.

Millennials listen to the most podcasts: Sales Podcast Tips and Resources

Here are some important stats on podcasting from the study which covered January 2018 – May 2019:

  • 60% increase in podcast mobile app usage since January 2018
  • 25% of listeners have bought products discovered through podcast advertising
  • 45% of listeners said they plan on tuning into more podcasts in the future
  • 41% of podcast discovery occurs through online sources such as blogs and articles
  • 25% of current podcast listeners began listening to podcasts for the 1st time within the past 6 months
  • 72% perceive podcast quality to be on the rise
  • 33% of millennials said they listen to five or more podcasts per week
  • 52% said they tune into podcasts while working or commuting
  • 42% said they listen in the car
  • 60% said they looked up a service or product after hearing it advertised on a podcast
  • 25% reported that they ended up making the purchase
  • 33% said podcast ads are more engaging than ads on other formats
  • 40% found the ads less intrusive than other types of ads

Where people listen to podcasts: Sales Podcast Tips and Resources

The survey also reported:

  • 58% of respondents said they skipped podcast ads
  • 6% said that quality is decreasing

Podcast advertising: Sales Podcast Tips and Resources

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