#SalesHacks for Speakers

#SalesHacks for Speakers

If you’re a sales speaker, more than likely you also sell related services:

• sales training and coaching programs

• a sales book

• sales consulting and strategy for companies and entrepreneurs

Whether you have an opportunity to speak to a group of 5, or a convention of 500, a public speaking opportunity can convert to sales if you deliver a memorable presentation and useful information. Here are three tips for making money from speaking opportunities.

3 #SalesHacks for Speakers

1.  Lead With Your Credentials
Have you been quoted in the New York Times, had a best-selling book, or been interviewed on your local news channel? Make sure your media coverage and credentials are featured in your speaker bio, and are the lead for your speaker introduction: be memorable.

International best-selling author Anthony Caliendo has been featured on radio shows from New York to Florida, and is a contributing expert to professional sales journals.

tip: Photos speak louder than words: on your speaker bio use the logo from the different media that have featured you, instead of just a list.

2. Ask if You Can Sell Your Product
Keyword: ASK, don’t assume. Many local and national organizations have paid and unpaid speaking opportunities. And many of those same organizations have a tradeshow booth or other set-up at their meetings where vendors can sell their services or products. When you accept a speaking or training opportunity – either unpaid or paid – don’t assume you’ll have an opportunity to sell your service. When you’re negotiating the details, ask the meeting planner if there is an opportunity to speak to attendees about your services; then negotiate the format:

• back of the room sales: a table set up inside the meeting room, or a booth at the tradeshow

• SWAG: a sample of your product or a free gift given to all attendees. If you don’t have a product, give a free trial period, a free consultation, or a free chapter of your book.

tip: as part of your paid speaking gig, you may offer a free copy of your book to all attendees, and set up a meet and greet and autograph station after you speak.

Don’t ‘sneak’ your sales pitch into your presentation: you won’t be invited back!

3. Get Them On Your Mailing List
You’ve heard the saying Out of sight, Out of mind. No matter how good your presentation is, the chances are they’ll have forgotten what you said in a few minutes, and forgotten you even spoke by tomorrow.

Create an opportunity for your audience to join your mailing list:

• create a landing page on your website with a valuable download in exchange for their email address

• brand a special event # hashtag and invite your audience to tweet using that # – then follow your audience, engage with them, and invite them to learn more by signing up for your free newsletter

• design a special LinkedIn group for meeting attendees to share ideas and experiences, and invite them to get your blog updates

• use the tradeshow strategy: have a giveaway or promotion, where attendees drop in their business card for an opportunity to win a desirable product, service or gift

Even highly paid public speakers use speaking opportunities as a way to build their business. Whether you are speaking to a local audience for free, or a national audience for a speaker’s fee, incorporating sales strategies into your speaking event will keep the momentum going long after your speech is finished.

FYI: In addition to being a motivational sales speaker, I offer sales training and coaching, work with companies to revitalize their sales strategies, have an Amazon best-selling sales book, and have been quoted in numerous national and local publications. Contact me to discuss how I can help your sales organization reach the next level!

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about Anthony Caliendo:
I’m an entrepreneur and sales professional with over 20 years of successful sales and sales management experience. My expertise in sales, marketing and business development spans from small business to international companies.

I’m the best-selling author of The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales, winner of the 2015 USA Book News business book award for entrepreneurs and small business.

I provide personal sales coaching; and consult, speak and train about growing and motivating your sales team to businesses, corporations and conferences across the nation, as well as a guest contributor and sales expert for TV and radio, and professional organizations.