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Salesperson Hiring Checklist | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

Whether you’re hiring your 1st salesperson, or your 21st, its critical to the success of your business that you hire the right person to represent and help grow your business. My sales rep hiring checklist has key criteria to consider before you start interviewing sales rep candidates.

Business managers, particularly entrepreneurs and small business owners, have a downright awful track record when it comes to hiring sales talent. When you hire the right sales resource, you see instant results and amazing things begin to happen. On the other hand, when you hire a mediocre (or worse) salesperson, you shell out paycheck after paycheck and begin to feel like you’re running a corporate welfare program. 


The time to review your hiring process is now: before you start recruiting candidates. Your hiring preparation should include key factors that will contribute to a successful hire:

  • What do you need your salesperson to do?
  • What is your hiring process?

  • What type of person is a good fit for your organization?

  • What are the job benefits and requirements?


Download my free checklist:

Sales Rep Hiring Checklist

Free Download: Save a copy of this checklist I made:
Sales Rep Hiring Checklist


I’m a big fan of checklists: I have dozens of checklists for sales success, entrepreneurs and small business owners on Checkli.

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