Why ‘Chef’ May Be the Ultimate Entrepreneur Movie

Did you see this summer’s indie movie hit Chef?  If not, you should:

As an inspiration for entrepreneurs …

… Chef is almost a movie training manual.

~ Lois Geller
Forbes: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Movie

On the surface, Chef is a movie about an LA chef who gets fired, and ends up in Miami with his young son buying a food truck that becomes a success.

Looking deeper, Chef tells the story of a failed entrepreneur, who reinvents his dream and pursues his passion despite the odds against him.

The secret ingredient in this Chef/entrepreneur’s success: social media; applying the tools and strengths of social media make a hardworking chef’s dreams for his passion and family come true beyond his wildest dreams.

Any entrepreneur (or want-to-be entrepreneur) can take lessons and inspiration from Chef:

• focus, dedication and purpose
• learning from failure
• the power of social media – in both positive and negative ways

Chef is still playing in theatres around the country, and is scheduled for DVD release on September 14.