25 Sales Influencers on Twitter You Should Be Following Right Now – Checklist

25 Sales Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter Right Now!

I follow the top sales blogs and sales influencers on Twitter: Twitter is a great resource to find information, tools and innovative sales strategies, as well as connect with knowledgeable sales people I would likely never meet in real life. It’s not about how many followers they have: it’s about the quality of the info they share. What do YOU share on Twitter?

If you following sales on Twitter it’s fast and easy to follow all of these sales leader’s insights. Set up a list on Twitter, and use an app to follow a stream for your sales influencer list so you can easily see tweets from your list.

Tip: Most of my sales influencer bios are taken directly from their Twitter bio. Take a quick look at your Twitter bio: does it say what you need it to?







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