A successful sales organization invests time and money in developing their sales team

A successful sales organization invests time and money in developing their sales team

Great Teams are the Product of Picking the Right Players

 In any organization – whether it is athletic team, company, public service board, school administration, military unit … or any other type of group – the people within that organization are its most important and valuable resource.

~ Gold Medal Strategies

The sales organization must invest money and time in developing their sales team.

My years of experience working with corporations and sales professionals have taught me a couple of key points:

1.  Sales professionals need a clear, specific, target-based process.

2.  Sales professionals must be molded and shaped, but they must also possess sales instincts that avoid chasing nebulous opportunities.

3.  Sales professionals will not succeed unless they know and understand who they are and what attitudes and personal skill attributes they will need for success.

The best sales process will not be successful unless the sales professional embraces the skills and changes required to overcome the odds and the challenges placed before them.

I designed my book The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales around 9 Belts of Sales Assassin Mastery. Each belt is more than a step in the Sales Assassin Mastery process. The belts represent a component of my philosophy and a way of life that supports Sales Assassin Mastery success.

Each belt is achieved through mental and physical commitment and sacrifice. The belts in the SAM Sales Philosophy are generally analogous to the martial arts philosophy. However, the belts are not intended to be progressive, but instead they are a series of elements and skills that exist independent of one another, but collectively provide a professional foundation for sales success. Each belt reflects the SAM’s proven level of competence and just as importantly; each reflects an inner sales journey, a journey that never ends, and a step toward continuous improvement.

When you understand the importance of each belt and how to embrace the concepts you must achieve to be awarded each belt, this is an accomplishment worthy of respect and one that measures another step toward sales success.

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

The Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo