Hiring a professional sales coach is a smart strategy for sales leadership

Sales Leadership You Are the Practice Squad

SalesforceVoice: Sales Leadership: You Are The Practice Squad

As a sales leader, it is your job to ensure your team is prepared —not only for each sales call,
but also for unexpected situations that might arise at any time during the sales process.

~ via Forbes

Sales leadership must provide sales coaching. But not every sales leader is equipped or even wants to provide coaching for their sales team.

Hiring a professional sales coach is a smart strategy for sales leadership:


•  many sales leaders have excellent managerial and communication skills, but aren’t closers. Closing the sale can be learned!

•  corporate sales leadership typically has limited time for hands-on training of the sales team. Hiring a sales coach gives immediate direct attention to training the sales team and boosting sales.

•  hiring an external sales coach who is not loyal or conflicted by internal politics delivers sales methods, strategies and tools to get results. Hiring an outside sales coach can provide honest answers and solutions to your sales challenges.

A sales coach can be your organization’s most cost-efficient and effective solution to improving your sales team’s strategies, skills and closes.

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

The Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo