Dehydration and Productivity: Are You #FitToSell?

Are you trying to beat the summer sales slump? Studies show the relationship between dehydration and productivity. 

Workplace productivity is an issue year-round, but even more so in the summer months when you and your team want to be outdoors enjoying the good weather and summertime activities. Even in south Florida where it’s “summer” year-round productivity goes does in the summer because the kids are out of schools, families want to take a vacation and there are many special activities and events to participate in. When looking for ways to improve your or your sales team’s productivity don’t forget to consider an often overlooked reason for low productivity: dehydration.

Even mild dehydration can cause a drop in your productivity. Becoming dehydrated is easier in the summer – even indoors! A common cause of dehydration in your office or workplace is air conditioning, which causes low water content in the atmosphere, leading to increased water loss from the lungs and through the skin.

Prevention is key to avoiding loss of productivity and a happier, healthier worker due to dehydration so your team stays #FitToSell during the summer months. I’ve put together a checklist of key factors concerning loss of productivity due to dehydration:

  • How Dehydration Affects Productivity
  • Symptoms of Dehydration
  • How To Stay Hydrated and #FitToSell During the Summer


When you’re in better physical health, you look better, you feel better and you’re more confident.

– Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin


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HYDRATE: Summer Must-Do So You’re #FitToSell


This infographic by Water Logic explains how dehydration affects productivity:

INFOGRAPHIC- Why Hydration is Essential for Your Employees

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