‘Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest’ Applies to Salespeople Too

5 Things Successful Salespeople Can (and Should-) Outsource

Whether you’re in corporate sales, a small business owner, an entrepreneur or social selling online, you are in sales. Sales is what you’re good at, and what makes you money. Being good at sales is what sets you apart. But being a successful salesperson does not mean you’re good at everything a sales person needs to do to succeed.

5 Things Successful Salespeople Can (and Should?) Outsource

Whether you choose to hire a virtual assistant, a part-time employee, or freelancers there are many necessary tasks that salespeople can effectively and safely outsource.

  1. Writing Sales Email Templates: Professional copywriters are expert in conveying your message, in your voice. They can create template prospecting emails, thank you notes, newsletters can all be written by a professional freelance writer you hire for that specific project.
  2. Travel Arrangements: A virtual assistant is ideal to manage all your travel plans. With some background information on your preferences and requirements, you can have someone else book planes, rental cars and hotels, rebook last-minute schedule changes and keep track of all your rewards and frequent flyer points.
  3. Social Media: Many salespeople need an active social media presence, but never have time to actually BE on social media. A social media manager or virtual assistant can take over all aspects of your social media from scheduling posts to replying to comments to tracking how effective your social media efforts are.
  4. Prospect Research: You’ve got a qualified lead, and now you need to make a pitch. A professional virtual sales assistant can do some online research and create a prospect background sheet that provides you with the information you need to craft a targeted pitch based on your prospect’s specific profile.
  5. Build Your Mailing List: Freelance online marketers and PPC (pay-per-click) specialists have the skills to create a digital campaign to that builds a list of qualified names who have responded to your offer or ad.


What should a salesperson never outsource? Sales! If you’re the sales expert – a sales assassin – outsource the rest, and do what you do best! If you need to expand your sales team, hire and train dedicated salespeople to help grow your business. It’s true: everyone in an organization is responsible for sales… but not everyone is a sales assassin.

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