Do You Leverage Outrageous Entrepreneurial Courage?

Do You Have Outrageous Entrepreneurial Courage

From Cracking the Code to Success featuring Brian Tracy & Anthony Caliendo

The startup world is an attractive, shiny and optimistic place to be. Creative, entrepreneurial minds are constantly trying to invent something extraordinary and buzzworthy enough to change the marketplace and the world. Building a brand plus achieving financial independence and security are key reasons to take that leap of faith to business ownership. Risky? YES! High, calculated risk can mean high reward. That’s what makes venturing into entrepreneurship worth the sacrifice. That’s how the most successful entrepreneurs remain determined and driven at all costs. But it’s also about realizing your potential to dream and exceed beyond your own expectations, taking the chance and going beyond what the average person feels are limits to success. Sure, it all starts with an idea. What’s more, entrepreneurship starts with driven and focused individuals that decide they have a story to tell and want to reap the rewards from sharing it with others.

There are 8 outrageous ways to leverage outrageous entrepreneurial courage:

  1. Become The World’s Leading Expert
  2. Be Remembered of Be Forgotten
  3. Anticipate Set-backs
  4. Never Ruin Your Personal Brand
  5. Own Up
  6. Use Your Instincts
  7. Change your Mindset / Change your Lifestyle
  8. Load, Lock and Aim

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