3 Sales Strategies Learned Watching Donald Trump

3 Sales Strategies Learned Watching Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is A Sales Assassin

Whether you’re a follower or an opponent, sales people and public speakers can learn a great deal from Donald Trump on how to sell. Through the long campaign season and the first months of his presidency, Donald Trump demonstrates he knows how to deliver a message that is remembered, and to close the deal. Donald Trump is a Sales Assassin.

1. Know Your Audience

Before your presentation, do your homework and find out everything you can about the people you’ll be presenting to. Understand their common goals, needs and interests so you can tailor your presentation content, tone and style to that audience. Whether you’re pitching to a team of 3 or presenting to an audience of hundreds, everyone in the room will have different opinions and experiences about your product or service.

According to YoungUpstarts, the bulk of Trump’s presentations are tailored to the fence-sitters in the audience:

he addresses the fence sitters throughout by constantly restating his support for the American people, naming and elaborating upon common enemies, proving his points with examples and restating emotional messages. Whether you agree with Donald Trump’s position or not, his tactic of swaying the undecided voters worked.
Every sales professional knows that it’s the swing votes he has to convince in order to seal the deal.

2. Be Visible

According to HereNextYear, Donal Trump demonstrates there’s no room for modesty in the sales room. If you are the best person for the job, have the best product, or the best solution to a client’s problem, say so!

People buy from people they know, like, trust, and recognize.
Make sure everyone in the room knows who you are, and why you’re there.

3. Believe In Yourself

Donald Trump believed he would be president, perhaps before anyone else believed. The New York Times says that Donald Trump was “Repeatedly underestimated as a court jester or silly showman, (but) Mr. Trump muscled his way into the Republican Elite by force of will.” As Entrepreneur put it,

Your product or service will never appeal to everyone. Trump understands that he doesn’t appeal to everyone, and he knows that he never will. Let the competition underestimate you. Catch them off guard. And use it to your advantage to demonstrate your superior dedication, skills and customer management, and prove you earn your success.

Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump continues to demonstrate sales, marketing and presentation skills that any salesperson, entrepreneur or speaker can learn from.

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