From a Lemonade Stand I Became The Sales Assassin

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~ via Entrepreneur

I started my first business when I was 8, a lemonade stand in front of my southside Chicago house. At age 9, I expanded: Caliendo Lemonade was now selling at the nearby golf course… along with golf balls I fished out from the pond and cold beer from our home fridge. 4 days later I was banned from the golf course… but The Sales Assassin was born!

My lemonade was nothing more than another word for money. Lemonade was not in my blood. It wasn’t those big juicy lemons that made my cheeks pucker and it wasn’t the sugar that gave me that sweet tang in my mouth. It wasn’t the Crayola colorful signs I made with my broken crayons and it wasn’t the ice that made this simple drink perfect on a summer day. It was a passionate desire to earn money that pumped my blood. Money was perfection. Perfection was the chase – the chase for every car, the chase for every person that walked by my house. Lemonade was nothing more than a means to success.

But making money ran through my veins by the time I was eight. Sales became my passion. I loved the excitement. I loved the anticipation. I loved the hunt, the chase. I loved the precision of the hunt. I loved finding the target. I loved the success.

At that point, I could smell success – the close. It was at that moment, from a lemonade stand, that I became “The Sales Assassin.”

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

The Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo