Sales 101: the greatest salesperson is also the greatest listener

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~ Forbes

Sales 101 teaches us “the greatest salesperson is also the greatest listener.”

Yes, it might take a lot of energy and a lot of discipline to be open minded and receptive all of the time.  But the more you put this technique into practice, the more you condition your mind to these positive behaviors; you will reap the benefits, guaranteed!  The next time you have to attend a client meeting or a sales seminar with your new “mind in training,” (because face it, there will be more sales meetings in your future), exercise your ability to sit back, listen intently and take in any information that might actually benefit you.  Accepting the fact that you are going to hear some redundant concepts and information allows you to fine tune your senses to pick up on that one little idea that you may have never heard before.  Oprah refers to it as your “A-ha moment!”

Listening and mental preparation will lead you to experience countless “A-ha moments” of the life-changing, attitude altering kind.

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

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