Hard Truths for Entrepreneurs from The Shark Tank

Now in its 9th season, each week nearly 10 million people watch Shark Tank and learn about equity capital, franchising, licensing, utility patents, marketing and customer acquisition; and another 40,000 audition each year to pitch their business idea to the Sharks. With 4 Emmys, the show has a slew of hard-core fans who tune in for lessons in entrepreneurship and to hear their favorite Shark give advice – and sling some shade at people with a business idea.

What’s the secret to the Shark Tank’s success? The Sharks themselves: self-made entrepreneur millionaires who educate, entertain and share advice and experiences – both good and bad. The Sharks have the opportunity to make a deal to invest and partner with the entrepreneurs – using their own money and teams to build a business.

I’m Out – When a Shark Says No

  • Mark Cuban told one entrepreneur, “You are so full of s—t!” and Kevin O’Leary told another, “You’re an asshole. Get the f—k out of here.” “You’re dead to me,” is Kevin O’Leary’s go-to response when contestants try and negotiate his offers. When a Shark declines to invest and gives the reason why are some of the biggest lessons of Shark Tank.
  • Kevin O’Leary told one contestant, “You know what I’d be crying about? The fact you’re not making a profit.”
  • Barbara Corcoran told a crying entrepreneur to “give up this crying stuff.”
  • “You’re not an entrepreneur; you’re a want-repreneur,” Mark Cuban said to one pitcher.
  • Daymond John didn’t like how one entrepreneur had an answer for everything, saying “That’s a Slick Willie move.”
  • “You don’t have any claims that you can back up,” Lori Grenier responds when she’s not buying what they’re selling.
  • And from the always polite Robert Herjavec, “Those muffins were good. I’m out.”

The Shark Tank can be brutal: as scary as a real shark tank and as ruthless as corporate America. The entrepreneur contestants and the home viewer experience together their greatest successes – and their greatest fears!

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77 Quotes from the Entrepreneur Experts on Shark Tank 77 Quotes from the Entrepreneur Experts on Shark Tank | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

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