Listening Is A Learned Skill

Listening Is A Skill - Skills Can Be Learned

Do you listen to reply?

There’s a whiteboard meme making the rounds that is ringing true for people in many professions:

The biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply.

For salespeople – both new and career sales professionals – the concept of listening to understand your client’s needs is vital to getting the sale and keeping a customer. A skilled sales pro can make the sale: but a sales rockstar – a sales assassin – is a pro at customer retention. They understand that making the sale is only the 1st step in building a relationship with your client.

When I train sales teams I instill 3 basic principles for sales success:

1.  Listen to Understand, Not To Reply


3.  Listening = Learning

You can’t hear the message if you’re not listening to your client and paying attention to the opportunities presenting themselves. Sales 101 is that in order to be successful in sales you have to listen to your customer in order to qualify them properly, and understand and meet their needs.

Listening is a skill, and like other skills listening can be learned. Learning and practicing your listening skills is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. When you are listening to understand your client’s message, you can also understand your client’s needs.

Understanding your client’s needs and problems is essential to solving their problem. When you solve your client’s problems, you are on the path to building a long-term relationship and customer.

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