Mark Your Calendar: Sales Tip for Dec 31

Mark Your Calendar: SalesTip for Dec 31A couple weeks, ago I posted an article with sales tips and strategies during the holiday sales slump. I had a great comment from “Doctor” Phil Bernstein, with an end of year sales tip to thank your clients – and increase your sales. In fact, his sales idea is so good I didn’t want to risk it getting overlooked in the Comments section, so here’s what Dr Phil said:

Good stuff, Anthony. I learned this tip from Jim Doyle a long time ago, and used it for almost a decade as a radio salesperson:

On the very last business day of the year, I would call every single client who had run with me during the year on the phone and thank them for the business. I almost always got voice mail, which was fine, because I had a script for the message:

 Hey, Jim, this is Phil Bernstein with Clear Channel. No need to call me back — I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your business this year. It’s been great working with you, and I’m looking forward to catching up with you next month. Have a great New Year.

Often, the clients were already gone, which meant that my message was the very first one they heard when they came back into their offices at the beginning of the year. I got a lot of calls back, and once got a $3000 order from a customer who had left a message for one of my competitors and had not gotten a call back.

How’s that for a great end of year sale’s tip? Thanks, Phil!