My Top 10 #SalesTips to KILL IT in 2016

Sales advice for entrepreneurs and sales professionals to make 2016 your best year yet

Top 10 salestips for 2016 from The Sales Assassin

this article first appeared on LinkedIn

1.  Be #FitToSell – When you’re in better physical health you look better, you feel better and you’re more confident.

2. A Sales Assassin must have outrageous PDC: Passion, Dedication and Courage.

3. In sales you must be 100% dedicated to what you are doing.

4. A successful sales organization invests time and money in developing their sales team.

5.  Your elevator pitch is your story in 10 – 30 seconds – today that’s calledpersonal branding.

6.  Social selling demands engaging in online relationships that build your authority and lead to sales success.

7.  Reading a 5 second motivational quote is a mini-break for my brain.

8.  Choose a healthy lifestyle – food, exercise and sleep – to make better decisions and achieve #SalesSuccess.

9.  Plan your sales performance by setting measurable goals that keep you from wandering aimlessly.

10. Fear of failure is your greatest obstacle to success.

Now:  Get out there and KILL IT in 2016!