Mental Preparation is a Core Aspect of Any Sales Endeavor

the best leaders are learners

The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners

You have no excuse for being bored.

~ via Harvard Business Review

Your mental preparedness is a core aspect of any sales endeavor. The sales world is one of continuous stress and demand for performance. We can only manage this stress with mental preparation

Quite simply, for sales success you must be prepared to “learn how to learn.”  Learning how to learn literally means going back to the basics and clearing your mind to make room for new ideas and concepts.  Initially, this involves training and conditioning the mind to release any blockages that are hindering your learning process.  These blockages could be preconceived notions, a pessimistic outlook about the information you are about to hear, fear of redundancy, complacency, or even boredom.

Realize that in sales, more often than not, your mind could be your biggest adversary if you allow it!  If you can admit this to yourself from the very beginning, then you’re on the right path to new mental conditioning and development.

To become a Sales Assassin Master, eagerness and willingness to continually learn are key to sales success.

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

The Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo