My steps to become a Sales Assassin give you the ability to achieve success, build your self-image and your self-confidence

Sales passion is something you either have or don’t have: it’s up to you to figure out how to find your passion and how to keep it alive ~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

How to Embrace Being an Insecure Entrepreneur When you’re a business of one it’s hard to avoid that stomach churning anxiety compelling you to create a big-business persona to hide the mom-and-pop reality. ~ via Entrepreneur Sales passion is something you either have or don’t have: it’s up to you...

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3 Tips for Social Selling that Lead to Sales Success

Social selling demands engaging in online relationships that build your authrity and lead to sales success - Anthony Caliendo Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Sales Professional

4 Ways Salespeople Screw Up Social Networking Social engagement. Is it just another term to check off the buzzword bingo card at your next sales meeting? Not really. It simply means having robust conversations, exchanging ideas, providing insights, and sharing expertise—whether we’re online, on the phone, or meeting in person....

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I hope my new motivational sales book will make next year’s Best Business Books list

14 Best Business Books for Fall

The 14 Best Business Books To Read This Fall As we shake off the summer malaise and head into fall, it's the perfect time to read some motivational and insightful business books.  And there's no shortage of good material. ~ via Business Insider I hope my upcoming motivational sales book...

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Sales Assassin leader knows they will either lead or get out of the way of progress – and get out of the organization

7 Commitments of a Sales Leader

SalesforceVoice: 7 Master Commitments Of A Sales Leader Everyone knows that it is a leader's job to provide vision, mission, and strategy. But there is more that a leader must do. A Leader is a Believer:  Napoleon said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” A leader must believe that...

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