My 3 Morning Habits for Success

Early Morning Routines for Sales Success

Early Morning Routines for Sales Success

I’m not just successful at sales, I’m a Sales Assassin: a master of sales discipline, focused on results and prepared to control my own destiny. In the course of my sales career – the ups and down, the successes and failures – I’ve developed a few early morning habits that start my day off on the right track. I’m a believer in starting the day early – whether I feel like it or not.

I prefer a regular routine to start my day: when I’m consistent in my habits I’m more productive and feel more in control.

My 3 Morning Habits for Success

1. Coffee

I need to hydrate first thing in the morning, and I prefer to super-charge my hydration with coffee. I like coffee, it makes me feel better and more energized, and I think more clearly. I chose to only read those articles touting the health benefits of coffee:

  • slash diabetes risk
  • improved driving skills
  • avoid kidney stones
  • better memory
  • reduce risk of liver cancer, melanoma, multiple sclerosis and periodontal disease
  • work out harder
  • boost your mood
  • protect your brain and heart

I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy with only 2 or 3 of those coffee health benefits!

2. Check Emails

I try not to start routine #2 until after I begin routine #1 because I’m better at coping with the surprises in my inbox after I’ve had a sip of coffee. I have several email addresses – plus social media accounts – to read, respond to… and decide to ignore.

3. Make a List

And check it twice… Lists help me structure and prioritize my life. Today’s list starts where yesterday’s list left off – many tasks are completed, and many are not. I rework those items that weren’t finished yesterday, add my new to-dos for today, and then prioritize each item and assign a time to it, add any details required to get the task completed – phone numbers, email address, notes – so that when I’m on the run later in the day I have everything I need to get it done.

I’ve tried several different ways to organize my lists:

  • a hand written list
  • a list making program
  • a list making app that is on my laptop and my iPhone

My morning routine sets me up for a successful day. What’s your morning routine?

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about Anthony Caliendo:

As a corporate sales consultant, trainer and coach, I’m also an entrepreneur and sales professional with over 20 years of successful sales and sales management experience. My expertise in sales, marketing and business development spans from small business to international companies.

I’m the best-selling author of The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales, winner of the 2015 USA Book News business book award for entrepreneurs and small business, winner of the 2016 Book Excellence Award for Sales and Marketing, and a 2016 finalist in The Indie Book Awards.

I provide personal sales coaching; and consult, speak and train about growing and motivating your sales team to businesses, corporations and conferences across the nation, as well as a guest contributor and sales expert for TV and radio, and professional organizations.