My mentor, Al Philips, influenced my early beginnings in sales and in business as a whole

My mentor Al Philips by anthony caliendo the sales assassin

7 Surprising Truths About Mentors

 You may think you’re in control and everything happens for a reason, but more often than not, things that matter are influenced by others.

~ via Entrepreneur

At age 24 I had an incredible opportunity from my mentor and  motivator who brought out the best in me relating to work ethic and drive:

Al Philips is legendary in the health club business, owning several World Gyms in the Chicago, Indiana and Wisconsin regions.  When he left Bally’s back in the early 90s to build the World Gyms with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he selected me to help build his dream.  He became my mentor, my motivator and brought out the best in me relating to work ethic and drive.

I was flattered that he handpicked me to build this dream with him. The deal was sweetened with an incentive to earn a small percentage of the profits after I successfully built the first two locations.  I exceeded all my expectations and Al’s as well. I was a leader in pre-sales. Memberships increased and I managed the construction of our second location, ironically right on the Chicago River down from the Chicago Stock Exchange where I would soon work.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Receiving a percentage of the profits didn’t work out and yes I was disappointed and angry. I’m not suggesting that my mentor did a bate and switch. The fact was that our profitability had not been realized and that was a legitimate reason. In hindsight, I should have kept steadfast, but at the time, my young ego and relentless ambition would not allow me to accept that rationale. I respected my mentor, but I put in my resignation. My youth and arrogance got the best of me. Time to move on from the greatest business that I’d known at that point in my life.

I appreciate  my mentor,  Al Philips, for influencing my early beginnings in sales and in business as a whole.

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

The Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo