Social media is vital to understand potential client’s needs and to meet those needs

#SocialSelling = #SalesSuccess ~ anthony caliendo

Your Sales Strategy Shouldn’t Rely on a Cold Call

Put the phone down. There are better ways to engage customers.

~ Mashable

Sales success depends on doing your homework to identify and qualify client leads, understand their needs,  then connect with them to meet their needs. Increasingly, social media is a vital channel to both understand potential client’s needs and to demonstrate that you can meet those needs.

The Sales Assassin identifies qualified client leads with a series of strategically placed phone calls, email communications and online research, all designed to build a relationship with key staff decision makers. The key is to establish yourself, your name and your product before sitting listlessly in front of the phone or in waiting rooms for countless hours hoping for your encounter with your potential client.

The Sales Assassin succeeds through your ability to powerfully influence and change the dynamics of the potential client relationship:

Discover the power words that will influence this client. Explore what is important to them, not what you think is important. Do more client research on the most recent issues impacting the company’s success.Strategically use and leverage your new knowledge and high impact power words.

The qualification process takes work and the ability to manage diverse and at times difficult relationships. This qualification work will pay off if it is done in a strategic and tactical way.

The key to any effective client qualification process is  precision – a precise process that gathers precise information, in a precise way with precise timing.The “Guardians of the Salesgate” are a formidable obstacle that can destroy all hope or may simply use their keys to unlock the door to success.Like any skill, the client qualification skill is learned and mastered thru constant practice and conditioning. You have to practice, practice and practice some more.

~ Anthony Caliendo, The Sales Assassin

The Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo