My Top 5 Sales Podcasts

my top 5 sales podcasts

Being productive and multi-tasking are two of my top goals – I like to check out Twitter while watching TV,

One of my favorite productivity tips is multi-tasking by listening to podcasts while I drive, workout or fly. Podcasts can entertain, motivate or educate – the best sales podcasts do all three!

There are a lot of good podcasts, and many good sales podcasts. You can live-stream podcasts, or download them to your phone or tablet when you’re not connected. I’m an Apple user, so I listen to podcasts on iTunes, but there are several great sources for podcasts:

Apple iTunes

Google Play BeyondPod

• social media: just search “best sales podcasts” on Twitter and you’ll get hundreds of ideas

• Learn Out Loud: directory of podcasts and other online learning tools

My Top 5 Podcasts for Sales Pros:

1.  The Advanced Selling Podcast

I have no idea how I found this podcast, but now that I did I keep tuning in to these B2B sales experts. With almost 300 podcasts to date, Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey will build your skills and develop your sales strategy.

2. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

I discovered Brian Burns on LinkedIn (not where I expected to find a new podcast, but there you go!). I started following Brian on LI Pulse, then started listening to his podcast. I totally relate to his no BS sales style… unless I’m the one doing the BS-ing! The podcast covers sales topics from social selling to cold calling to emailing – and everything in between.

3. The Ziglar Show

Who isn’t motivated by Zig Ziglar? And what sales pro doesn’t need a daily dose of motivation? You can’t go wrong with Zig. The show gives real-life examples of how to translate motivation into sales.

4.The Sales Blog – In The Arena

I follow Anthony Iannarino on Twitter, and started reading his blog, then found the podcast. He posts podcasts sporadically, so be sure to subscribe get the latest.

5.  Real Estate Sales Trainer and Coach

I’m not in real estate – any more – but Jim Festini started out sales as a kid selling newspaper subscriptions, and I started out with a lemonade stand. Sales is sales: and sales skills are transferable to different products.

That’s what I’m listening to… what are your favorite podcasts?