How to Use Referrals and Testimonials to Increase Sales

customer testimonials and referrals are key to sales success

I often hear salespeople use the terms referrals and testimonials like they are interchangeable: but they are not. In fact, referrals and testimonials are nothing alike EXCEPT that they are both your your greatest ally for getting leads and closing deals. Customer referrals and testimonials are two of the most powerful sales and marketing tools in a successful salesperson’s arsenal.

• A referral is when a satisfied customer introduces and recommends you to someone who needs your service or product.

• A testimonial is when a satisfied customer publicly vouches for your product or service.

Referrals and testimonials have 2 things in common:

1.  You only get them from satisfied customers
2.  You almost always have to ask for them

Customer referrals and testimonials are a low-cost and efficient way to grow your business and increase sales and profitability. The key to receiving customer referrals and testimonials is to provide superior customer service and satisfaction.

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