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I’m excited and honored by the great book reviews The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales is getting on Amazon. Every time a reader posts a review, I can’t wait to see what they say, and to learn if The Sales Assassin is helping them achieve sales success.

I’m happy to say reader reviews of The Sales Assassin have been excellent – mainly 5-star! I love reading your comments, and I’m especially appreciative when I hear from sales managers who want to share my sales strategies and tactics with their sales team. That’s what it’s all about: listening, learning and doing!

Here are a few excerpts from of what readers are saying about  my new sales lessons and motivation book, The Sales Assassin.

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Reader Reviews of The Sales Assassin


What is key to the author’s message is understanding the mental discipline necessary for sales success and how to achieve this discipline. What is particularly interesting is that the lessons shared in this book are applicable to almost any career or situation in life.


He illustrates on how he has adapted in the economic cycles & been successful at each venture he has started or had to re-establish. His book allows you to self discover on what “you” need to focus on in order to execute your salesmanship at an Exceptional level. 


I’ve read just about every sales book out there…and this one is by far the best. It captures the real life, real thinking way of doing sales. Not like the rest of these guides that blow smoke, The sales assassin truly has brought me to the mindset of how to be a real salesman.


Anthony boils the sales process down to a lifestyle. Executable by anyone who is motivated to succeed. Right between the eyes advice that can help anyone focus on their sales goals.


Sale Assassin is an awesome book for those who are ready to truly transform their careers, their lives from good to great. This book tells an awesome story and provides practical applications that will take your skills and your self-image to the next level. If you are seriously ready to realize your dreams, start here. 


This is a great read for the person just getting into sales and those that have been in sales for a while… I was able to see some fantastic points and a true outline on how to be a master in sales, I will be recommending to all of my sales staff… 


I want to share this book with my sales staff and with other sales professionals friends I know. I can’t wait to attend one of Anthony Caliendo’s sales future seminars here in Chicago.

5% Phil:

Loved the book so much, I’m going to buy one for my whole sales department staff.


Mr Caliendo’s book has reshaped the way that I do business. His motivating instructional book has provided me with excellent real life tools that anyone can utilize in the real world environment. After reading this book I will be assuring that every member of my sales staff will have access to this amazing sales tool.


I’m not in the sales field but this book can be applied to almost any competitive career. His techniques are on point to achieve success. I highly recommend this book to all. 


Fast reading and right to the point. By following The Sales Assassin ideas, you owe it to yourself to improve your overall strategy and become an accomplished sales rep.


An easy read that’s straight to the point on how to be successful! Highly recommend for anyone in sales! I will be buying more for my sales force to read!


Amazing Book. Thought I knew everything that involved sales, but after I read The Sales Assassin it changed my way of thinking, doing and to put it plainly it changed my lifestyle.


This is a great book! I liked the different sales strategies and have began to implement them. If your looking to update your sales techniques, I highly recommend this book!

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I hope you enjoy reading The Sales Assassin as much as these readers did – and I hope you’ll share your book reviews on Amazon!