Sales Success: Lessons from ‘Mad Men’

If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.

~ Don Draper, Mad Men

Mad Men has been a fun visit back to the 60’s culture.  We watch to see

• what politically incorrect words come out of the mouths of Roger Sterling and Don Draper
• the fashions of the office ‘girls’ and men
• cocktail culture at work and home
• parenting moments
• the sales culture of Madison Avenue

This final Mad Men season opener features one of the most important strategies for sales success:

It’s all about building a rapport and then “staging” a conversation with your potential client in such a way that they’re giving you the info you need for your closing arsenal.  By doing so, you’re getting him or her involved in the sales process and making them feel like they’re playing an important role.  A Sales Assassin Master is able to ascertain if there’s even an opportunity to do business within the first 2 minutes of the call.

~ excerpt from The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales by Anthony Caliendo
available nowThe Sales Assassin by Anthony Caliendo