What it Takes to Succeed as a Realtor

how to be successful in real estate

I was able to build one of the largest mortgage companies in South Florida and grossed $500M in loan volume. My success in the mortgage and real estate world was tough work even in the best economy, but the hard work paid off in so many ways.

I was working with a young man who was just starting out as a real estate agent. He was jabbing at his tablet, puffing away and mumbling to himself. He was only a few months into his new career and already frustrated and depressed. He had just spent about 30 days on a deal that crashed to a screeching halt when the client didn’t qualify for the mortgage. He spent the next 15 minutes whining about everything he did to get the deal and then it fell through. I said to him, “Bro, you’re whining about things that you can’t control. Let’s back up and discuss your goals. You’ve been in this new job for a couple months the first sign of things not going well, you’re ready to throw in the towel.”

Recently I was interviewed by the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors about what it takes for realtors to sell themselves as well as sell real estate:


Selling Yourself as a Realtor

As a Realtor®, you’re used to expending your best efforts to sell properties. But what about selling yourself?

Author and salesman Anthony Caliendo said the most important thing Realtors® can do is work on their first impression when introduced to new people.

“Realtors® need to show their excitement and passion,” he said. “If you show personality right off the bat, people will remember you. What sets you apart from the average Realtor®? What makes you different? Find new and innovative ways to set yourself apart from everyone others,” he suggested.

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