25 B2B Sales Stats That Will Change Your Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy: 25 B2B Sales Stats That Will Change Your Sales Strategy

Knowledge is power.

B2B sales stats aren’t just interesting to read – sales facts and figures are an important tool to customize your sales delivery. If you’re a B2B seller – if you’re in any type of sales – it’s vital to your sales success to understand your customer’s buying and decision process. If you don’t understand how your buyer gets information and makes decisions, you’re just spinning your wheels. You need facts and statistics to improve your sales game and get more sales.

Too many sales professionals cling to old ways, old strategies and old technology because they worked in the past. Salespeople shouldn’t adopt new methods simply because they’re new: they need to adopt new sales strategies because they work. Not every latest and greatest is right for your business: read the stats, analyze the results and test the sales principals.

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25 B2B Sales Stats That Will Change Your Sales Strategy

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