B2B Influencer Marketing for Salespeople

B2B Influencer Marketing for Salespeople | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

People do business with people. The key to a successful B2B influencer marketing campaign is understanding the people who make business decisions in your industry, and who would influence their purchase decision. B2B influencer marketing is very different from B2C. Businesses shop differently than consumers do. As sales and marketing professionals,...

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How to Keep Your Sales Team Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump

11 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

B2B sales typically slow down at the end of the year holidays - but salespeople's productivity doesn't have to slip during the holidays. Salespeople can use the end of year holiday sales slump to cement relationships, sharpen their skills, prospect and strategize for the coming year. For a sales manager,...

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Last Minute Gift for a Sales Pro: The Sales Assassin on Kindle

Gift Sales Success: Are you searching for a last-minute gift for a sales professional? Its not too late:  The Sales Assassin on is available on Kindle The Sales Assassin: How to Master Your Black Belt in Sales • 2015 USA Book News & USA Best Book Awards Winner: Business • Entrepreneurship...

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11 B2B Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell

Facts and statistics are more than just interesting to read – sales stats are an important tool to customize your sales delivery. B2B sales success depends on knowing your facts, preparation and building relationships with your prospects.          Sales skills can be learned and improved: if you're willing...

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