3 Presentation Tips for Sales Success

Salespeople’s job is selling, and selling requires speaking

3 Presentation Tips for Sales Success


Getting the appointment to deliver a sales presentation requires strategy, planning and time. Delivering a presentation that sells also requires strategy, planning and time. Successful salespeople are never satisfied with their sales pitch skills: they research, evolve and practice their presentation for each opportunity they get: there’s no such thing as a perfect sales pitch.

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3 Presentation Tips for Sales Success

1. Be YOUdownload Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016 movie

In social media speak, they call it “being authentic”. In sales, I call it being your real YOU. You may be a meat and potatoes kind of sales person, pitching to a champagne and caviar client. Don’t attempt to bluff that you know the difference between asti spumante, cava, and French champagne if you don’t. Instead, demonstrate your expertise in the different tastes, cost and shelf-life between Yukon gold potatoes, red bliss or Idaho russets.

Your prospect invited you to present your product because you are an expert in meat and potatoes: you know your product and how it can solve their problem. If you’re faking it and not being YOU, your audience will know it. Don’t try to fake and impress them: impress them with your real knowledge and skills, and show them how you can solve their problem.

But if they offer you a glass of champagne, sip and enjoy!

2. Know Your Audience

The perfect sales presentation will not be successful if its delivered to the wrong audience. Understand the needs of your audience. You may sell only one product or service: but every audience you present your product to is unique and different from other audiences. Every sales presentation should be tailored to that specific prospect.

√   Do your homework. Research the company online. Find out who will be attending your sales presentation, and research them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

√  Understand their needs. What problem are they trying to solve? Have they had any bad or good PR lately? Are their financial issues? Google is a sales pro’s best friend.

√  Greet each attendee. Unless you’re pitching to a filled theatre, the benefit of a sales presentation is that you’re typically in a smaller room with a reasonably sized audience, from a couple of people to a dozen or so. Take the time to speak to each attendee, look them in the eye, and thank them for coming to your presentation.

3. Perfect Your Tech

When you schedule your presentation, find out how the room will be laid out, and what presentation resources you’ll have: white board, AV equipment, electrical outlets, etc.

Ask to have access to the presentation room a few minutes early to get your equipment and sales materials set up. Even seasoned professionals have technical glitches: but most glitches can be resolved before the entire team arrives and is there watching you fiddle for 10 precious minutes to get your internet connection going, your laptop in the correct position and your slide deck working smoothly.

It’s the little things that can derail your presentation: by following these 3 sales presentations tips you’re on your way to sales success!


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