Relationship Selling: How to Build Relationships That Lead to Sales | Free Checklist

People do business with other people. Sales is about relationships. But how do you build relationships that lead to sales? Relationship selling is a sales strategy that focuses on the relationship between the seller and the buyer, instead of the product and its price. Relationship selling has become very popular...

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3 Presentation Tips for Sales Success

Salespeople’s job is selling, and selling requires speaking   Getting the appointment to deliver a sales presentation requires strategy, planning and time. Delivering a presentation that sells also requires strategy, planning and time. Successful salespeople are never satisfied with their sales pitch skills: they research, evolve and practice their presentation...

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5 Ways for Sales People to Stay Productive During the Holiday Slump

Don't let your productivity slip during the holidays. Sales people must stay disciplined and focused, and use the end of year holiday sales slump to cement relationships, sharpen their skills, prospect and strategize for the coming year. During the holidays, many sales people struggle to stay productive.  Business and generating...

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How to Mix the Right Sales Cocktail

how to mix the perfect sales cocktail

With literally thousands of different sales techniques and philosophies that salespeople attempt to master, we find ourselves using trial and error, sampling and tasting until we think we’ve mixed the right sales cocktail tha­­t will increase our closing ratios. However, as a sales leader and coach, the Ultimate Sales Assassin...

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