B2B December Sales Strategy: Myths & Facts

B2B December Sales Strategy: Myths & Facts | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

There are many B2B holiday sales myths that can discourage even the most confident sales professional from any hope of reaching their December sales goals. We’ve trained businesses not to expect big holiday sales – the holidays are known for retail B2C sales – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day.

Just as small businesses learned how to entice annual consumer spending sprees during the holidays, businesses can change the holiday B2B sales cycle. Now is the best time to initiate a B2B December sales strategy – before your competitors spot your tick and join in!

3 December B2B Sales Myths

1. Myth: Everyone Is On Vacation 

Fact: Yes, some people are on vacation but not everyone is – or they’d be out of business!

Use your sales skills throughout the year to track which decision makers on your client or prospect list are in the office in December, and target them for a special sales promotion or customer incentive.


2. Myth: No One Makes Big Purchases in December 

Fact: Many business budgets must be spent by year’s end – or they’ll lose it.

Most manager’s know that if they don’t use this year’s budget, during next year’s budget cycle they could lose that amount. They want to spend the budget wisely. Your product and their budget may not align: so figure out a way to design the sale terms so they use their available funds by year’s end – and you make the sale in December!


3. Myth: It’s Cold and Flu Season – They’re Too Short-Handed for Sales Calls 

Fact: Because people are on vacation and some people do get sick, sometimes not much is planned – those in the office may have more time for a good sales pitch. 

If the Admin is out sick or on vacation, the boss – and decision maker – might pick up their own phone. Your competitors likely aren’t calling now – because they believe the December sales myths!


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