How to Keep Your Sales Team Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump

11 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

B2B sales typically slow down at the end of the year holidays – but salespeople’s productivity doesn’t have to slip during the holidays. Salespeople can use the end of year holiday sales slump to cement relationships, sharpen their skills, prospect and strategize for the coming year.

For a sales manager, the goal is to keep the sales team busy and productive during the slow years. For a salesperson, the goal is to meet end of month and end of year quotas and prime the sales pipeline for the coming year.

According to an analysis done by SalesForce, contrary to popular opinion the end of the year can be profitable for the sales team:

  • B2B buyers are searching for information around Christmas – SalesForce’s website traffic was only down 17% the day after Christmas, and in the 3 days after Christmas conversions rates were 13.4% higher than the average business day in December.
  • B2B buyer activity picks up right after the new year – 5 business days into the new year, traffic was just 3% less than their January average, and conversion rates the week after new year were 2.2% greater than their average for business days in January.

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11 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump

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11 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holiday Sales Slump

How do you keep your sales team productive during the holidays?

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