Customer Loyalty: Create a New Value Proposition

The Best Revenge is Massive Success ~ Frank Sinatra

Differentiate yourself with a positive distinction from your competition.

Never be surprised when the competition raises its ugly head, ready to take control of what you have worked so hard to achieve. When “ABCD Widgets, Inc.” opens selling similar widgets to ACME brand widgets, you better assume and prepare that ABCD also has a solid operation. What does your business do? How do YOU react and respond to competition? A Sales Assassin will accelerate into high gear and go on a mission to figure out how to maintain or gain the advantage over your new competitor. It’s time to differentiate yourself and create a positive distinction and recognition from your competition!

Creating a positive, unique message is a marketing strategy that businesses use to differentiate themselves from the competition. This is the concept of developing your personal brand—the traits that differentiate YOU from your competition. Your differentiation strategy must target a segment of the market and deliver a clear and distinct message that the product and what you are offering is clearly different and superior to anything else the customer can possibly experience.

Create a new value proposition for your business that defines clearly a different strategy to focus on the value of your product compared to other similar products from your competitors.

When savvy consumers see and feel that you offer a unique product and are a trusted resource, they will want YOU as a partner.

Your value proposition creates a new recognition, it may highlight cost-saving, sustainability and durability of you and your product compared to your competitor.

The Sales Assassin value proposition also allows you to compete beyond the traditional price warfare that the typical sales pro will try to deliver. For example, car companies are experts in this arena, but the car salesman can blow the differentiation by assuming it’s all about the dollars. Car manufacturers go to great extremes to differentiate their products and make the customer feel that their cars are desirable and that you will acquire that desirability if you buy their car. This differentiation can entice the customer to spend more than originally planned. The Sales Assassin car sales pro feels they have clearly differentiated their line of cars as an image enhancer or status symbol, while other car companies focus only on cost savings.

The best revenge is massive success.
~ Frank Sinatra

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