What’s a Motivational Sales Speaker – And Why You Need One

Anyone can hire a sales speaker.

What’s a motivational sales speaker? Pretty much anyone can figure out what a motivational speaker is, and what a sales speaker is. But a motivational sales speaker?

I live and breathe sales:

• I’m a lifelong career salesman.

• I train sales teams and coach individuals salespersons.

• I wrote a book, The Sales Assassin.

• And I’m a motivational sales speaker.

In my sales career I’ve attended a lot of sales meetings, trainings, workshops and conferences. I’ve heard some good speakers, even a couple great speakers. And I’ve heard a lot of boring speakers. Their message may have been great: but no one listened, or remembered. They were boring and uninspiring.

That’s why I make sure I’m a motivational sales speaker:

I not only deliver the sales lessons and tools my audience needs to hear (sometimes it’s not what they want to hear: I tell you what you need to hear!), I put on a performance so my sales message is delivered, received and remembered.

What kind of performance? It depends  on my audience and what they need to get motivated and learn how to make changes that impact their sales success.

When you hire Anthony Caliendo to speak to your sales team or sales event I can make several promises:

1. I can teach you to change your sales attitudes and methods to increase your sales success IF you are willing to learn.

2. I can motivate you to put what you learned into action.

3. I will not bore you.

When I give a keynote speech or sales training I don’t just deliver sales speech 101. I customize my message every time, for every audience. I create an audience  that is charged up, entertained and engaged. I share my sales strategies, my sales successes – and my sales failures. I won’t just tell you what to do: I’ll train you and motivate you to learn how I’ve achieved sales success in multiple industries, and how I became The Sales Assassin: and how you can become a Sales Assassin too.

In today’s highly competitive sales environment, sales success depends on learning and practicing new strategies, tools and methods to stand out from the competition.

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I’m the best-selling author of The Sales Assassin: Master Your Black Belt in Sales, winner of the 2015 USA Book News business book award for entrepreneurs and small business.

I provide personal sales coaching; and consult, speak and train about growing and motivating your sales team to businesses, corporations and conferences across the nation, as well as a guest contributor and sales expert for TV and radio, and professional organizations.

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