Do You Still Need a Business Card in 2020?

Do You Still Need a Business Card in 2020? | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

Business cards are easy, cheap and effective – but do they convey a negative image, ie OK, Boomer!

Whether your field is high tech or low tech, today most people have a personal smartphone with a contacts app to manage their contacts. You want your new prospect to enter your contact info into their contacts list – and not enter your card in the trashcan! Paper business cards are traditional, classic and convenient – but they are also old-school, stereotypical and easily thrown away or misplaced.

Today people have many more points of contact and its difficult to remember all someone’s key contact information:

• name

• address

• phone number

• website

• social media handles

• photos

• coupon codes or special offers

• calendar event integration

Many digital business card apps can share your contact info directly with people through Text (SMS), email, QR Code, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn so nothing is lost or entered incorrectly. Plus, some ecard apps also capture the information of the person you shared your contact info with, so you can enter their contact info into your CRM!

Business Card Best Practices 

Create and carry both a paper business card and a digital card; then offer new contacts both options so that you have the best chance of your contact information landing correctly in their contact manager.

Are Business Card Digital Alternatives Effective?

What’s the best business card option: whatever gets used and remembered!

Virtual business cards and networking apps can be a good alternative to business cards, particularly at trade shows and conferences. Digital business cards have the same purpose as traditional paper business cards: Here are some smart paperless business card digital alternatives.

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