How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy

How to Boost Your LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy | Anthony Caliendo | The Sales Assassin

LinkedIn reigns supreme for lead generation among all social networks. It is the only professional online social network to make business connections. Having the right profile is key to optimizing your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn recently, here are some tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase your LI visibility so you get new business leads and clients.

  1. URL
    LinkedIn’s URL is editable. If you have a common name (like Anthony Caliendo 🙂 you can change the default name assigned to you by LinkedIn to one that represents you. I changed mine to because after all, I’m the #1 Sales Assassin! #ConnectWithAnthony
  2. Headline
    There’s a simple formula for creating a memorable, eye-catching LinkedIn headline: “[Title], helping [prospects] do X.” If someone scans your headline but can’t figure out what you do, or how you can help them, they’re going to scroll right past you.
  3. Summary
    Your summary should be one paragraph — two at the max. Prospects are usually skimming your profile, so anything longer won’t be read. Adding videos or professional publications that demonstrate your expertise or have been well received in your industry such as SlideShares can help in some professions.
  4. Role Descriptions
    Be specific and share how you are successful at your current position. Quantify when possible, ie: • Work with businesses in X, Y, and Z industries to reduce manufacturing defects by 3% on average • Help customers reduce costs by $500,00
  5. Profile Picture
    According to LinkedIn’s data, simply having a picture — any picture — makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed. But I recommend a professional, recent photograph. You want to look good, but be recognizable. And remember: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, not Facebook or a dating site so look like a professional in your profession.
  6. Cover Photo
    Cover photos tell a story quickly and make a lasting impression. They are relatively new on LinkedIn, and valuable real estate that many LinkedIn users don’t take advantage of because they never bother to update their profile! There are many excellent ideas for cover photos that enhance your professional profile and tell your story, such as:

    1. Authors: Feature your latest book cover and an excerpt or review
    2. Realtors: Use a cover photo of the city or neighborhood you specialize in; it instantly communicates where you are located
    3. Photographers: Use a photo that shows your specialty, such as architecture, or that you’ve won awards for. Change it frequently to feature your latest work or variety of disciplines
    4. Lawyers: Use your business card to show your firm name, location and contact info
    5. Sales Professional: A photo of the product you sell or the service you provide instantly tells a viewer what field you’re in.

Pro Tip:
Tweaking your LinkedIn profile can be trial and error, and you don’t always want to SPAM your entire LI contact base when you’re editing your profile! Go to Settings –> Privacy –> Sharing Profile Edits and set to NO!

Once you’ve mastered the basics on LinkedIn, there a pro-tips to upgrade your B2B LinkedIn marketing strategy. Try my 6 tips to boost your LinkedIn game… and I’d love to hear from you what’s making a difference for you on LinkedIn!

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6 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Game

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6 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Game

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