Make A Healthy 2017 Part of Your Sales and Marketing Goals

Fit To Sell New Year's Resolution

Fit To Sell New Year’s Resolution

I talk regularly about being #FitToSell:

When you’re in better physical health, you look better, you feel better and you’re more confident.

Monitor Your Health Like You Monitor Your Sales

Every sales person continuously assesses their sales performance, and where they stand in achieving their sales goals and quotas. Just as you monitor your sales performance, sales people need to monitor their health status. You can’t achieve peak performance if your overtired, overweight and overstressed. Eventually, something has to give… and you don’t want it to be you!

Set healthy, achievable goals and implement a system to continuously monitor and adjust your health goals performance. That’s why fitness trackers have become so popular: we can just set them up and forget them, and we get feedback when we achieve our 10,000 steps, get enough sleep or walk the programmed number of miles. I liked wearing my fitness band, but I kept forgetting to charge the battery and take it off in the shower.

I discovered Apple’s Health App, which comes built-in with your iPhone. Since my iPhone is pretty much with me 24/7, I get a fairly accurate accounting of my day’s activity. Sure, if I’m watching TV and run to the fridge I might leave it on the coffee table. But I can easily monitor whether I walked 5000 or 15000 steps any given day. The app consolidates health data from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and 3rd-party apps you already use, so you can view all your progress in one convenient place. So if you’re already tracking your health data on another app, you can sync it all on the Health App. In addition to activity, the Health App tracks sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Improve your sales performance by setting and achieving a health goal for 2017. If you want to improve your sales success, the first step is to improve your mental and physical health and lifestyle.

about Anthony Caliendo:

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