The Sales Assassin: Book Review by Healthcare Business Today

Book Review: The Sales Assassin

Becoming a Sales Assassin: How to Master Your Black Belt in Sales “Focused on helping sales professionals redefine themselves and providing guidance for self-improvement, not only as sales people, but also as individuals, Caliendo is available to zero in on specific elements through expert commentary and/or feature/article capacities”  Read the...

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How to Use Referrals and Testimonials to Increase Sales

customer testimonials and referrals are key to sales success

I often hear salespeople use the terms referrals and testimonials like they are interchangeable: but they are not. In fact, referrals and testimonials are nothing alike EXCEPT that they are both your your greatest ally for getting leads and closing deals. Customer referrals and testimonials are two of the most...

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Think like an entrepreneur, no matter what job title is next to your name

do you have an entrepreneurial mindset

The willingness to try, fail and keep on trying until you succeed is what differentiates a sales rep from a successful sales professional, just as willingness to try and fail then try again differentiates a successful entrepreneur from a failed entrepreneur. Sales success demands that you think like an entrepreneur,...

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